Nobody Can Fill Kobe’s Shoes

In a shocking turn of events, everyone seems to be on Kobe’s you-know-what these days. First, The New York Times publishes an article claiming Kobe has been rival-less his entire career; Then, Shaq goes on the record by tweeting “I want kobe bryant to get number four, spread da word”; Even Mr. President himself goes on the record picking the Lakers, in six. But of course leave it to a journeyman nerd from Guadeloupe (where?) to make waves by deciding to ditch his Kobe sneaks in favor of Jordans. You know what Mickael Pietrus, good — you didn’t deserve to wear them anyways. Ironically, Kobe will be rivaling MJ’s legacy while dropping dimes on some ugly dude wearing #23’s kicks. The NBA — where “in your eye” happens.

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