Houston Reminds Me of Miami

As mentioned, Gilberto and I headed to Houston for the NBA Playoffs battle between the Rockets and the Lakers. Upon arriving in Houston, we changed quickly and headed to the Four Seasons to meet a couple buddies from LA and grab drinks. While getting our whiskey on, we ran into Craig Sager, Mitch Kupchak and numerous Lakers fans who made the trek. Once at the Toyota Center, it was non-stop madness until yours truly passed out (hard — concrete, hard) at the end of the glorious, victorious night. Sure Game 4 was a disappointment on Sunday but I am confident Black Mamba will come out with some venom tonight. (Video after the jump of yours truly taunting the fans @ Game 3 and spilling my beer twice on the guy in front of me)

Baby Kobe

Driving to Houston

Shok, Craig Sager and Gilberto

Lakers Fan from the 90s

Toyota Center Must Pay Well - Mr. Rolex

Take Me Home

Time for sleep

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