Who me? Ya You….

For the past several years I have seen this guy sitting behind the TNT announcers desk at Laker games and cannot figure out who the hell he is. Biggest pervert alive? Serial killer? Famous foot doctor from Brazil?  Who knows…but this dude is always in the same seats with his funny goatee and mustache; usually wearing a loud obnoxious shirt in red or yellow for the nationally televised games.  Last night he toned it down with a blue shirt — much better! If anyone figures out this man’s identity, let me know because I’m puzzled.

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7 Responses to Who me? Ya You….

  1. fruth says:

    hahaha…this is funny. i picture him as the biggest pervert alive

  2. Austin says:

    Too funny cause I was sitting behind him last night at the game and wondering the same thing

  3. Skittles says:

    He’s Mark Cuban with a goatee. But seriously, why do you care? He’s more than likely a season ticket holder with some really expensive seats, nothing more nothing less.

  4. Teinted says:

    I believe he’s an actor. Was in the movie From Dust till Dawn w/ George Clooney. Hope that rings a bell.

  5. Ariza says:

    what about the douche thats always to his left with the lakers bling and the ed hardy hats….so not worthy of these seats! gives LA a bad wrap!

  6. Charles says:

    I know he’s a season ticket holder. All I can tell you from my one time hearing him talk is the dude is as weird as he looks. He asked a question at a Town Hall Meeting that nobody understood. After that, they had people submit their questions in advance. I actually thought he was Mike T.

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